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Updated   8/19/2019

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Title: Guglielmo Marconi Inventor Of The Radio And Wireless Communication
Series:   Nobel Prize winning scientists
Author:   Sherrow, Victoria.
Price:   $10.25   Was  $20.50
Binding:   Library Bound
ISBN:   0766022803
Publisher:   Enslow Publishers,
Publication Year:   2004
Description:   This is the biography of the inventor of radio and wireless communication.
Subject:   Inventors. Telegraph, Wireless History. Radio History.
Dewey Class No:   92 MAR
Regent SKU:   SV40
Grade Level:   5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade,
Number of Pages:   112 p. :
Accelerated Reader:   No
Reading Counts:   No
Guided Reading Level:  
Review Source:  

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