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Updated   5/24/2019
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WH179 Great Empire Of China And Marco Polo
Worth, Richard.  Library Bound  $18.86
WH171 Waterloo
Crompton, Samuel Willard.  Library Bound  $22.96
WH174 The Spanish Inquisition
Worth, Richard.  Library Bound  $18.86
NIC44 America's War In Afghanistan
Fiscus, James W.  Library Bound  $20.00
NIC45 The Gulf War
Murdico, Suzanne J.  Library Bound  $20.00
NIC46 The Intifadas
Wingate, Katherine.  Library Bound  $20.00
NIC47 The Iran Iraq War
Willett, Edward,  Library Bound  $20.00
NIC48 Israel's War Of Independence AR
Hayhurst, Chris.  Library Bound  $20.00
NIC49 The Six Day War AR
Broyles, Matthew.  Library Bound  $20.00
NIC50 The Suez Crisis
Fiscus, James W.  Library Bound  $20.00
NIC51 The Yom Kippur War AR
Rosenberg, Aaron.  Library Bound  $20.00
REC41 A Brush With The Past
Hughes, Shirley,  Hardcover  $25.00
SPE11 Walking The Earth Lexile
Andryszewski, Tricia,  Library Bound  $27.90
SPE15 India A Brief History Series
Walsh, Judith E.  Library Bound  $50.00
SPE17 Saudi Arabia A Brief History Of Series
Wynbrandt, James  Library Bound  $50.00
WH259 Encyclopedia Of Society And Culture In The Ancient World
  Hardcover  $306.00

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