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Updated   5/24/2019
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HPE17 Presidential Losers
Goldman, David J.  Library Bound  $25.26
HPE19 Problems And Progress In American Politics The Growth Of The Democratic Party In The Late 1800s AR
Porterfield, Jason.  Library Bound  $23.96
HPI57 Struggling To Become American: 1899-1940
Doak, Robin S.  Hardcover  $35.00
HPI58 The Spanish Conquest Of America: Prehistory-1775
Burgan, Michael.  Hardcover  $35.00
HSH02 Mexicans In America AR; Lexile
Behnke, Alison.  Library Bound  $21.60
HSH16 Salvador Dali
McNeese, Tim.  Library Bound  $30.00
HSH24 Ellen Ochoa
Hasday, Judy L.,  Library Bound  $30.00
HSH25 Pablo Picasso
McNeese, Tim.  Library Bound  $30.00
HSH26 Diego Rivera
Foard, Sheila Wood.  Library Bound  $30.00
HSH27 Carlos Santana
Slavicek, Louise Chipley,  Library Bound  $30.00
HSH28 Sammy Sosa
Morrison, John,  Library Bound  $30.00
HSH29 Pancho Villa
Marcovitz, Hal.  Library Bound  $30.00
LEA07 Saddam Hussein
Shields, Charles J.,  Library Bound  $22.96
LEA15 Hamid Karzai
Todd, Anne M.  Library Bound  $22.96
LEA16 Rervez Musharraf
Kras, Sara Louise.  Library Bound  $22.96
LEA19 Bashar Al-assad
Darraj, Susan Muaddi.  Library Bound  $22.96
SPE12 Gilded Age
Clark, Judith Freeman.  Hardcover  $80.00
SPE14 1970's
Hamilton, Neil A.,  Hardcover  $80.00
SPE20 Progressive Era
Jaycox, Faith.  Hardcover  $80.00
SPE22 Women's Suffrage In America
Frost Knappman, Elizabeth.  Hardcover  $80.00
USP106 James Buchanan
Donovan, Sandra,  Library Bound  $21.50
USP110 John Tyler
Havelin, Kate,  Library Bound  $21.50
USP111 Martin Van Buren
Lazo, Caroline Evensen.  Library Bound  $21.50
USP50 John Adams AR; Lexile
Feinberg, Barbara Silberdick.  Library Bound  $46.18
WO47 American Women Of The Gulf War AR
Hasan, Heather.  Library Bound  $31.98
WO51 Women Civil War Spies Of The Confederacy
Phillips, Larissa.  Library Bound  $31.98
WO52 Women Civil War Spies Of The Union AR
Sakany, Lois.  Library Bound  $31.98
WO53 Women Doctors And Nurses Of The Civil War
Favor, Lesli J.  Library Bound  $31.98

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