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Updated   9/22/2021
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Folkmanis Puppets

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Sku Name SizeRequired Purchase AmountDescription

RS620Folkmanis Turkey 18$750This Turkey puppet only needs your hand to come alive! Designed in

RS613Peacock Puppet18$1000Folkmanis Puppets

RS708Wyvern Dragon Puppet18"$750The scaly green beast is a timeless symbol of heraldry. It's easy to

RS44Alligator24$400Folkmanis Puppets.

RS208Barn Owl13$400Folkmanis Puppets.

RS107Beautiful Princess Puppet12"$300She is waiting to fall in love with the handsome Prince.

RS31Bobcat15$750Folkmanis Puppets.

RS615Camel Puppet18$750Folkmanis Puppets

RS19Clifford Plush Hand Puppet13$400Lovable Plush Doll That's Also A Hand Puppet.

RS231Dragon19$750Folkmanis Puppets

RS612Elephant Puppet20$1000Folkmanis Puppets

RS617Emperor Penguin Puppet $750Folkmanis Puppets

RS76Firedog Hand Puppet14$300This Dalmatian Firedog puppet is perfect for story hour with any story about firemen and women. Fire prevention week starts October 7.

RS616Flamingo Puppet22$750Folkmanis Puppets

RS914Folkmanis Large Tarantula 18$750He's hairy .. he's scary ... But dot worry, this large tarantula hand puppet

RS625Folkmanis Tortoise Puppet20" $1000Realistic tortoise puppet with moveable mouth and

RS611Goat Puppet19$750Folkmanis Goat Puppet.

RS55Golden Retriever30$750Folkmanis Puppets.

RS906Great Horned Owl Puppet18"$750Great Horned Owl Puppet from Folkmanis. This magnificently crafted puppet features feather-like plush, movable wings, a rotating head and blinking eyes.

RS905Great White Shark Puppet33$750Great White Shark Puppet from Folkmanis. This incredible puppet features terrifying rows of teeth, an insatiable, swallowing gullet and movable, googly black eyes.

RS106Handsome Prince Puppet12"$300He wears a sliver crown on his head and is eagerly waiting to woo the beautiful Princess.

RS618Harbor Seal Puppet19$750Folkmanis Puppets

RS29Horse18$750Folkmanis Puppets.

RS205Iguana32$400Folkmanis Puppets.

RS210Koala and Baby13$750Folkmanis Puppets.

RS12Lion19$600Folkmanis Puppets.

RS608Llama Puppet23$750Folkmanis Llama puppet.

RS42Monkey10$400Folkmanis Puppets.

RS48Orangutan25$750Folkmanis Puppets.

RS948Pinocchio30$750Puppet with a nose that really grows. Moveable mouth, tongue and arms.

RS92Police Officer Puppet $300This Police Officer puppet is perfect for story hour with any story about policemen or women.

RS54Sea Serpent60$750Folkmanis Puppets.

RS11Sheepdog24$750Folkmanis Puppets.

RS200Snowy Owl21$400Folkmanis Puppets.

RS614Swan Puppet15$750Folkmanis Puppets