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Updated   4/22/2019

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CT10384 Make Way For Ducklings
McCloskey, Robert  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10385 Miss Rumphius
Cooney, Barbara  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10386 I Like Me!
Carlson, Nancy  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10387 Madeline's Rescue
Bemelmans, Ludwig  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10388 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Carle, Eric  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10389 Shrek!
Steig, William  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10390 Snow
Shulevitz, Uri  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10392 The Scrambled States Of America
Keller, Laurie  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10393 Pumpkin Soup
Cooper, Helen  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10394 Ice Bear, In The Steps Of The Polar Bear
Davies, Nicola  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10395 White Owl, Barn Owl
Davies, Nicola  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10396 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat!
Colandro, Lucille  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10397 The Biggest Snowman Ever
Kroll, Steven  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10398 I Love You, Stinky Face
McCourt, Lisa  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10399 Alice The Fairy
Shannon, David  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10400 Think Of An Eel
Wallace, Karen  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10401 T. Rex
French, Vivian  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10402 Sea Horse: The Shyest Fish In The Sea
Butterworth, Chris  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10403 Caterpillar Caterpillar
French, Vivian  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT10404 I Miss You, Stinky Face
McCourt, Lisa  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10405 The Rain Came Down
Shannon, David  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT10406 Dear Bunny: A Bunny Love Story
Morgan, Michaele  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT107 Ghosts Hour Spooks Hour Bk/cass42
Bunting, Eve,  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT109 The Teeny-tiny Woman42
Galdone, Paul  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT113 Mary Wore Her Red Dress, And Henry Wore His Green Sneakers42
Peek, Merle.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT118 Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile42
Waber, Bernard.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT12 Miss Nelson Is Missing!42
Allard, Harry.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT128 Rumpelstiltskin42
Galdone, Paul.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT13 Madeline42
Bemelmans, Ludwig.  Book & Cassette  $9.99  
CT132 Hurricane42
Wiesner, David.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT136 The Whingdingdilly42
Peet, Bill.  Book & Cassette  $10.95  
CT157 Caps For Sale42
Slobodkina, Esphyr,  Book & Cassette  $8.95  
CT187 A Baby Sister For Frances42
Hoban, Russell.  Book & Cassette  $8.95  
CT207 Eek! There's A Mouse In The House42
Yee, Wong Herbert.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT209 Sheep In A Shop42
Shaw, Nancy  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT210 I Like Me42
Carlson, Nancy L.  Book & Cassette  $9.99  
CT220 Piggie Pie42
Palatini, Margie.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT225 George And Martha One Fine Day42
Marshall, James,  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT23 The Three Little Pigs42
Galdone, Paul.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT237 Froggy Gets Dressed42
London, Jonathan,  Book & Cassette  $9.99  
CT242 Maybelle The Cable Car42
Burton, Virginia Lee,  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT244 The Gingerbread Boy42
Galdone, Paul.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT246 Fireman Small * (bk/cass)42
Yee, Wong Herbert.  Book & Cassette  $10.95  
CT251 The Great Pig Escape42
Christelow, Eileen.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT252 Hooway For Wodney Wat42
Lester, Helen.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT253 Irving And Muktuk42
Pinkwater, Daniel Manus,  Book & Cassette  $10.95  
CT256 The Itsy Bitsy Spider42
Trapani, Iza.  Book & CD  $11.95  
CT257 Row Row Row Your Boat42
Trapani, Iza.  Book & CD  $11.95  
CT258 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star42
Trapani, Iza.  Book & CD  $11.95  
CT263 Day's Work * (book/cass)42 Lexile
Bunting, Eve,  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT267 Rainbow Fish To The Rescue42
Pfister, Marcus.  Book & Cassette  $12.95  
CT268 Curious George And The Puppies42
  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT270 Curious George Goes To A Chocolate Factory42
  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT271 Curious George Makes Pancakes42
  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT272 Black Beauty42
Sewell, Anna,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT273 Heidi42
Grindley, Sally.  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT276 Our Teacher's Having A Baby42
Bunting, Eve,  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT277 The Wave Of The Sea Wolf42
Wisniewski, David.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT278 Curious George And The Firefighters42
  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT279 Curious George (book/cd)42
Rey, H. A.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT28 George And Martha42
Marshall, James.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT280 Curious George's First Day Of School (book/cd)42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT281 Curious George Feeds The Animals (book/cd)42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT282 Curious George Goes To A Movie (book/cd)42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT286 Let's Go To School (book/cd)42
Inches, Alison.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT287 Jack Johnson And Friends (cd)42
  CD  $13.98  
CT288 Curious Georges Dinosaur Discovery (book/cd)42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT289 Curious George Rides A Bike (book/cd)42
Rey, H. A.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT290 Christms Carol (book/cd)42
Dickens, Charles,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT291 Five Little Monkeys Bake A Birthday Cake (book/cass)42
Christelow, Eileen.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT292 Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed (book/cd)42
Christelow, Eileen.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT293 Patricks Dinosaurs (book/cd)42 Lexile
Carrick, Carol.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT294 Three Little Pigs (book/cd)42
Galdone, Paul.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT295 Sheep In A Jeep (book/cd)42
Shaw, Nancy  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT301 Clifford The Big Red Dog42
Page, Josephine.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT302 Ella The Elegant Elephant42
D'Amico, Carmelo.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT303 Is Your Mama A Llama42
Guarino, Deborah.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT304 Teacher From The Black Lagoon42
Thaler, Mike,  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT306 Oliver Twist (book/cd)42
Bray Moffatt, Naia.  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT307 Pinocchio (book/cd)42
Fior, Jane.  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT309 I Love You Because You're You (cd)42
Baker, Liza.  CD  $9.95  
CT310 Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel (softcover & Cd)42
Burton, Virginia Lee,  CD  $9.95  
CT311 There Was A Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow Book/cd42
Colandro, Lucille.  CD  $9.95  
CT312 Little Red Hen (cd)42
Galdone, Paul.  CD  $9.95  
CT313 Tacky The Penguin (cd)42
Lester, Helen.  CD  $9.95  
CT314 Chick Chicka Boom Boom (book/cd)42
Martin, Bill,  CD  $9.99  
CT315 Mary Wore Her Red Dress And Henry Wore His Green Sneakers (cd)42
Peek, Merle.  CD  $9.95  
CT316 Stories Of Pirates (cd)42
  CD  $9.95  
CT317 Treasure Island (cd)42
  CD  $9.95  
CT319 Little Red Hen (hardcover Bk/cd)42
  Book & CD  $7.99  
CT320 All Around The World The Backyardigans (softcover Bk/cd)42
Fross, Kitty.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT321 Journey To Fairytale Land (softcover Bk/cd)42
Ricci, Christine.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT322 Curious George Gets A Medal (softcover Bk/cd)42
Rey, H. A.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT323 Curious George Goes Camping (softcover Bk/cd)42
  Book & CD  $10.00  
CT325 When Sophie Gets Angry Really Really Angry (softcover Bk/cd)42
Bang, Molly.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT326 Madeline (softcover Bk/cd)42
Bemelmans, Ludwig,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT327 Goodnight Moon (softcover Bk/cd)42
Brown, Margaret Wise,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT328 Runaway Bunny (softcover Bk/cd)42
Brown, Margaret Wise,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT329 Corduroy (softcover Bk/cd)42
Freeman, Don,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT330 Three Litten Kittens (softcover Bk/cd)42
Galdone, Paul.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT331 Froggy Gets Dressed (softcover Bk/cd)42
London, Jonathan,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT332 Giant Jam Sandwich (softcover Bk/cd)42
Lord, John Vernon.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT333 George And Martha (softcover Bk/cd)42
Marshall, James,  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT334 Whoosh Around The Mulberry Bush (softcover Bk/cd)42
  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT335 Ruby The Copycat (softcover Bk/cd)42
Rathmann, Peggy.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT336 Skippyjon Jones (softcover Bk/cd)42
Schachner, Judith Byron.  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT337 A Bad Case Of Stripes (softcover Bk/cd)42
Shannon, David,  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT338 Caps For Sale (softcover Bk/cd)42
Slobodkina, Esphyr,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT339 Pigsty (softcover Bk/cd)42
Teague, Mark.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT34 Miss Nelson Has A Field Day42
Allard, Harry.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT340 Curious George And The Puppies (book & Cd)42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT341 Curious George Takes A Job (book & Cd)
REY, MARGRET & H.A.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT342 Miss Nelson Is Missing (book & Cd)
Allard, Harry.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT343 The Little House (book & Cd)
Burton, Virginia Lee,  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT344 The Gingerbread Boy (book & Cd)
Galdone, Paul.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT345 The Three Billy Goats Gruff (book & Cd)
Galdone, Paul.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT346 The Story Of Ferdinand (book & Cd)
Leaf, Munro,  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT348 If You Give A Mouse A Cookie (mini Book & Cd)
Numeroff, Laura Joffe.  Book & CD  $11.99  
CT349 The Gingerbread Man (book & Cd)
Schmidt, Karen.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT350 Jump Baby Jaguar Go Diego Go Book & Cd
  Book & CD  $5.99  
CT351 Go Go Goal Dora The Explorer Book & Cd
  Book & CD  $5.99  
CT352 Curious George Goes To The Hospital Book & Cd
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT353 Curious George Makes Pancakes42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT354 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell
Colandro, Lucille.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT355 Goldilocks And Three Bears Book & Cd
  Book & CD  $3.99  
CT356 Three Little Pig Book & Cd
  Book & CD  $3.99  
CT357 Pocket For Corduroy
Freeman, Don.  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT358 Rachel Fisters Blister Book & Cd
Macdonald, Amy  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT359 What Do You Do With A Kangaroo
Mayer, Mercer,  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT360 Five Little Penguins Slipping On The Ice42
Metzger, Steve.  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT361 Caboose Who Got Loose Book & Cd
Peet, Bill  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT362 Skippyjon Jones In The Doghouse
Schachner, Judith Byron.  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT363 Hurricane
Wiesner, David  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT364 Bat Loves The Night Read Listen And Wonder42
Davies, Nicola.  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT365 Big Blue Whale Read Listen & Wonder42
Davies, Nicola.  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT366 One Tiny Turtle Read Listen & Wonder42
Davies, Nicola,  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT367 Surprising Sharkes42
Davies, Nicola,  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT368 Growing Frogs Read Listen & Wonder42
French, Vivian.  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT369 Field Full Of Horses Read Listen & Wonder42
Hansard, Peter.  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT37 Choo Choo42
Burton, Virginia Lee,  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT370 Curious George Flies A Kite42
  Book & CD  $10.95  
CT371 Giraffes Cant Dance
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT372 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Ball42
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT373 Rumplestiltskin
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT374 Piggie Pie Bk And Cd
  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT376 Little Red Riding Hood
  Book & CD  $3.99  
CT377 Ira Sleeps Over
  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT378 Lyle Lyle Crocodile
  Book & CD  $9.99  
CT379 How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night
  Book & CD  $9.95  
CT381 The Emperors Egg42
  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT382 All Pigs Are Beautiful42
  Book & CD  $8.99  
CT40 What Happened To Patrick's * Dinosaurs Book/cass42
Carrick, Carol.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT68 The Three Billy Goats Gruff42
Galdone, Paul.  Book & Cassette  $9.95  
CT72 Sheep In A Jeep42
Shaw, Nancy  Book & Cassette  $9.95  

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